About Us

Ajantha Motor Stores is located at 191, Panchikawatte Road, Colombo 10,the prime area for auto spare parts in Sri Lanka. Late Mr. Somapala Lokugamage our founder president started our company in 1968. After few years Ajantha Motor Stores became a well known company for British auto parts such as Austin, Morris and for roots range. With the changes in Sri Lankan market our company gradually switched to Korean auto parts by year 1988.

Ajantha Motors is the pioneer company for Korean spares in Sri Lanka apart from the agents then, namely Lanka Loyds. Since then we are specialized in this line and we carry an ample stock of Suspension, Brakes, Clutches, Electrical, Engine and Body Parts for Hyundal, Kia and Daewoo(Brand new and used parts as well).

Our sales team is quite familiar with Korean auto parts and they are capable of supplying correct parts to the customers even without samples. With us the customer has a choice as we carry the widest range of genuine, Oe, replacement parts and used parts as well.

Head office | Ajantha Motor Stores

Delkanda Branch | Ajantha Motor Stores

  • Address : 395B, High Level Road, Delkanda,Nugegoda.
  • Phone : +94 112 810 565, +94 772 660 673